Tiffany Outdoor is a leader in Coin-Op Laundromat Media. There may be one or two other companies out there who claim to sell laundromats... but no one has the marketing chops and demographic targeting tools to package national campaigns the way that we do. If you are looking into this marketing niche... let us show you how it's done !



Tiffany works with ferry boat operators across the country, and their representatives, to offer signage packages that are impactful and effective. From full ferry wraps and on-board displays to terminal signs and banners... We know ferries!


Transit Bus Wraps and Commuter Rail

While municipal transit buses in many cities are represented by CBS Outdoor and Titan... Tiffany maintains its own network of private commuter coach and rail companies which very often wind up being more effective at targeting specific audiences. Before you hand over your budget to the big boys, let us work with you to explore all of the transit bus and rail options.


Malls and Street Furniture

Mall Media and Street Furniture has come a long way in the US, in a short time. Tracking down a media company who represents a specific mall, street kiosks, or bus shelters can be frustrating, and quite time-consuming. We have been buying street furniture and mall media on behalf of many of our clients for the past 10 years, and can help you coordinate your buy through our “one-stop” shop. Our customer service and follow-up POP are some of the best in the business. We make the whole process efficient while delivering effective programs on our client’s behalf.


Digital / Place-Based Media

While digital networks in place-based media are still relatively new... We have embraced digital, and now offer a wide variety of digital media displays across most markets. Including: Commuter Ferries, malls, and Street Furniture in many of the larger DMA’s across the US.

Pizza Box Toppers

Tiffany is building a network of pizzerias in markets across the US, including national chains (Pizza Hut and Papa John's).  Clients are able to target local neighborhoods, as well as hard-to-reach 18-49 year-old demos in a geographic targeted way to provide efficient and effective support for local retail.